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The Institute is dedicated to progressing research on sustainability and social responsibility.  Over the years we've contributed to and acquired a library of information on effective Social Responsibility practices.  Many of these include research on the synergy between Quality practices and principles and Social Responsibiliy practices and principles. 

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CSR and Quality:

A Powerful and Untapped


Quality tools have been used by industry for decades to create lean operations, reduce waste, and improve efficiency, but they have not been widely recognized in the corporate social responsibility (CSR) space.

Embedding Social Responsibility Principles Within Quality Leadership Practices

The same skills that determine what needs to be done to affect organizational shift for quality improvement can be applied when the topic moves to social responsibility.

Quality and



Quality and



This is an interesting, timely study on an increasingly important topic—the business case for using the mindsets, frameworks, tools, and expertise of the quality movement to better address the social accountability, responsibility, and sustainability agendas.

Because of their role and expertise, quality professionals can be of great assistance in advancing a corporate strategy that has both socially-focused and bottom-line benefits.


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