About the B-Corp

As a Benefit Corporation, SHERPA expands our measure of success beyond financial results, to include our contribution to society.

Historically, the purpose of a corporation in the U.S. has been defined as maximizing financial gain for its shareholders.  Over the past century, the pursuit of non-financial mission has been resulted in a number of court cases. Many corporations have been unable to maintain a focus on efforts that benefit society, because of the pressure to maximize shareholder value.

Benefit Corporations now operate in 30 U.S. states and the District of Columbia, giving directors and officers the legal protection to pursue missions beyond financial performance and competitive advantage, considering additional stakeholders besides profit. 

We are a Colorado B-Corp, dedicated to contributing to our local community of Durango, where SHERPA Sustainability Institute makes its home.  Through the Institute, we advance the theory and practice of CISR® benefiting individuals and organizations across the globe.  


SHERPA provides valuable guidance to the

local Durango community in developing Sustainable Solutions.

Just one example is facilitation of TRIZ-based solution to Downtown Transportation challenges.


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As thought-leaders in Sustainability. SHERPA is dedicated to the promotion of thought-sharing.

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Scholarships & Grants

SHERPA provides a number of scholarship seats to our training programs, including CISR Certified Practitioner.  We know that many deserving professionals are often in career transition, especially our military veterans. 

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Through the Institute, SHERPA has curated an extensive library of reports and has conducted illuminating studies in the area of Social Responsibility behaviors, attitudes and best practices.

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